The nice thing about writing for a blog is that you get to tinker with your work after you’ve published it. It was with the aim of tinkering, then, that I read over my most recent post. To my horror, I saw that I had misspelled two words, and I was ashamed. I have always thought of myself as a great speller, but I have always been smug about it, too. Now the chickens have come home to roost, and I find that I’m just like every other clucker. 

I’ve known for some time that my spelling prowess was on the wane, but I can’t help but wonder here about other personal characteristics I thought were inviolate. I used to have shiny, bouncy hair, and now it’s dull. I used to be a good dancer, and now my feet hurt. I used to be a classy dresser, and now I try to see how long I can wear the same black pants without having to wash them. I used to adore animals, and now I have grown hostile towards cats. I have become a watcher of too much TV, an eater of already prepared foods, a fogy about women who use their phones in bathroom stalls, a grumbler about taxes.

It is startling to see that what I thought were solids are vapors.  


4 thoughts on “Is there an h in the?

  1. In British terms you’re suffering from the Victor Meldrew syndrome…grumpy old age gets the best of us in the end…I started to fall to bits the moment I hit 40.

      1. I find myself ranting Victor Meldrew-style every now and again…at which point I’m usually shaking a fist at my mirror image and shout “I don’t believe it, I’m middle-aged!”

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