A few days ago I was driving behind a banged-up Ford Escape. I can’t help but get my back up about all of the unnecessary SUVs and trucks on the road, so I was snarky even before he leaned out of his window to spit and then seconds later flicked out a lit cigarette. In all my days I have seen only one woman spit in public, but nearly every day I am made to watch some gentleman deposit his glob in the street or on the sidewalk.

A man spitting in full view is not unlike a dog lifting his leg to pee on a tree or a tiger spraying the ground with his scent. In the wild, an animal must mark and defend territory if it is to survive and to sire the next generation.  So, when a man hocks up phlegm, especially when potential rivals are nearby, he is likely driven by the same biology. But, it is overkill. Now, he has many other ways to claim what he thinks belongs to him. He has assault weapons, for example.

If a spitting man only knew how unsexy his spitting was, he would recognize it for the self-defeating behavior it actually is. After all, if it’s progeny he wants, he’ll first have to get the girl.


4 thoughts on “Ptooey

  1. I hate seeing that!!! They should at least make sure there’s no one around to see them – and not spit on the sidewalk that someone’s about to walk on. 🙂

  2. I agree, it’s utterly revolting. I’ve never seen men spit in Germany, but here in the UK it is common place, as is urinating in the streets. If men think this is a turn on or sign of their manliness, they are sadly mistaken.

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