One game warden said to the other game warden, “You know I’ve thought about this for some time and I want to be cremated. Then I want my ashes put into some turkey load shotgun shells and have someone that knows how to turkey hunt use the shotgun shells with my ashes to shoot a turkey.”

“Brilliant!” thought the other game warden, who later wrote, “I realized that my friend was describing almost exactly how I wanted my ashes to be spread.  How perfect to have my family and friends honor me by using shotgun shells with some of my ashes in each one.”

Shortly after, the two started Holy Smoke, LLC, an Alabama-based business that offers the bereaved “who love hunting and the right to bear arms” a chance to honor their “deceased loved one by giving or sharing with him or her one more round of clay targets, one last bird hunt, or one last stalk hunt.”

For $850, Holy Smoke will take about a pound of the deceased shotgunner’s ashes and load 250 shotshells with the stuff, which will then be placed in “available labeled ammunition boxes” and sent off with “any unused ash in a separate, labeled container.”

We’re all wandering around lost on one big hospital ship, I’m thinking.


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