dry spellThe other day I created a Twitter account for my job and then followed the New York Times, among others. Within minutes I was flooded with tweets, so I unfollowed the behemoth. I’m sure no one there cared—or even knew. When you have 7.3 million followers, you can afford to lose one.

When you have 60 followers, you can’t help but feel the sting when someone bows out, as I did yesterday when I lost one. I rarely hear from those of you who come here, so I’m never sure what you think of my work. In the year I’ve been keeping this blog, though, I’ve lost only two other followers, so I’ve thought that perhaps I’ve been headed in the right direction.

Still, I can’t help but feel that I’ve been letting people down. Am I becoming boring? I worry about this. Do I not write often enough? I worry about this, too. I’m in a bit of a creative dry spell right now, you see, but I’m expecting some inspiration any day.


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