untitledOur hearts go out to Erica, who, according to a Citi Simplicity TV commercial, had a really crappy day. Poor girl spilled coffee all over her keyboard, got gum on the bottom of her pink stilettos, found a parking ticket on her windshield, AND forgot to pay her credit card on time. Good thing she has kickboxing to help channel her frustrations. An even better good thing is that Citi, merchant of kindness and good will, doesn’t charge late fees or a penalty rate for its Simplicity card — EVER (“as in NEVER ever,” says the voiceover).

Maybe we can petition Citi to export a similar credit card program to, say, Syria, where Iman, who is eight months pregnant, has no end of bad days: Yesterday, her house was blown apart, her son was shot in the face, and her husband fled with his brother. Just imagine how much a no-fee card would perk things up in her life.

6 thoughts on “Erica’s terrible horrible no good very bad day

  1. Yes – that commercial is the height of inanity in a world of insanity. Oh, if only the entire world had problems that could be solved at the end of a stupid TV ad. Meanwhile, in Syria, Libya, Turkey, Lebanon, and so on. I wonder if these ad creators have any sense of how insipid their ads are.

    1. Thanks for your terrific comment, Snoring Dog. Ads make me crazy, and I long for the day when I can watch only the shows I enjoy and can say goodbye to commercials for good. When I first started this blog, I wrote a piece about Comcast, g-r-r-r, and for it counted TV commercials. Can you believe I counted 42 idiotic ads during one 60-minute show?!

      1. I’m not surprised. And that’s why TIVO is so darn popular in most households!

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