jihawg - ammo

Last November, I wrote about Holy Smoke, an Alabama-based company that will take the ashes of a deceased gun enthusiast, load shotgun shells with the powdery stuff, and ship a box of the corpse-filled ammo back to the grieving family.

At the time, it appeared to be one of the nuttier businesses around, but at least there seemed a certain good will at the center of the idea. Recently, though, I read an article about a company in Idaho that sells ammunition covered in “pork-infused paint,” and I found myself longing for the sophomorism of the fellas at Holy Smoke.

Designed to “keep a Muslim who’s shot with one of [them] from entering paradise,” these bullets are the brain children of the addlepates at South Fork Industries, which caters to “patriots” who would like to “build a wall of protection and peaceful deterrence to the growing threat of radical Islam and its culture of world dominance.”

I don’t wish to give these hate-mongers any more attention than they have already garnered, but I did want to mention that there is a petition circulating on the Internet calling on the Governor of the state to shut these hooligans down. Thank God free speech cuts both ways.


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