bald babyAshamed of going out in public with your bald baby? Fed up with strangers mistaking your Jane for a John? Tired of other moms and dads whispering about you at your weekly Gymboree class? Now, there’s a cure for the suffering you’ve been made to endure: Baby Bangs.

Yes, your little skin head will do the whole family proud when she dons a “combination hair/headband miniature hairpiece” made with all natural Monofiber Kanekalon. “Exquisite and simply gorgeous,” these kiddie wigs are “the perfect choice for casual or dressy occasions” and are “sure to grab comments from family, friends and even strangers!”

And, why wait any longer than you have to for your little bundle to begin feeling unworthy? It’s never too soon to start whittling away at her fragile sense of self, I say.


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