Death by devouring

coliseumDuring this Easter Season, when Christians ponder the death and resurrection of their Savior, it seems fitting to reflect on what one online commenter described as the “sport of cruelty” played by those who emerge from the Internet shadows with the goal of dismembering their unsuspecting sisters and brothers.

Especially vile were the comments made across the Web by those who had all manner of dark opinions about  one of this year’s presenters at the Oscars, 81-year-old actress Kim Novak, and her cosmetic enhancements. Here’s a sampling from our human family:

I’m surprised she came out in Public. Her and Melanie Griffith look like twin sisters. Very sad.

If there is ever a new Mask movie, she has the part, and doesn’t need any makeup.

She looks like something out of a horror movie. Time to go back into hiding.

Everything about poor old Kim was wrong! Not only her face, but her voice was very weird & the 1980s pantsuit she must have pulled out of her closet was awful & so casual for a very formal event!!!

It’s called the “Cabbage Patch Doll” look.

Why ever did she do that she looks like the Joker without any lipstick on.

I have to say that I didn’t find her attractive even when she was supposed to be a femme fatale in 1955’s Picnic with William Holden.

She looks deformed.

her face PERFECTLY SYMBOLISES the fakeness and vanity of this whole evening of self congratulatory tripe!!

Another one to file under ‘bad adverts for plastic surgery’ But no mention of Goldie Hawn whose face looked just as unnatural, and that long, stringy hair? UGH

Pillow face

Thats Madonna in about 10 years

Used to be a knockout now looks like a trout.

Dear God – what has she done to her face?

What happened to her face? Easy – she’s become a plastic and now can’t be anywhere near an open flame or excessive heat ever again.

Another one whose original face is somewhere behind the ears.

Why did they even trot her out there? She was a disaster. Matthew had to say everything.

My mind often seems awash with negativity and cruel opinion, though for the most part I am able to keep my baser thoughts to myself. Let us hope that the story of the Resurrection can somehow help us remember to incline towards living in the highest parts of ourselves.


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