the dead

are dead”

hushed but

busted wide

with want

that Jim

still begging

for one

last go

and Francie

so starved

she’s throwing

down fries

just minutes

before closing

those eyes

of hers

and the

dog’s ball

was buried

last fall

but what

a shedder

she was

that pup

this one

time gobbling

up chocolates

with franks

poor girl

nearly died

then but

didn’t so


the sun

it’s white

the wind

it’s up

the bits

of straw

skitter across

granite and

grass these

rose petals

dying, yes,

but still

so fragrant



2 thoughts on ““Well anyway

  1. I really like this poem. I had to reread it several times which for me is the mark of a good poem–it makes one think! I got to those last five ironic lines and caught my breath. So good. I say ironic because the poem moves quickly almost frantically…Jim’s “begging” and Frankie “throwing down fries” and then suddenly one is brought to a standstill with the fragrance (great word) of the rose petals. I’m not a poet, but I love poetry. Thank you for sharing.

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