1. How refreshing it is every time I hear President Obama speak. How absolutely good it feels to see and hear an intelligent and sensitive human being knowing that he represents the highest political office of the United States.

    Isn’t it amazing how President Obama’s last year as president vastly outshines the final year of bungling George Bush’s presidency–what a debacle that was. His own party had turned against him. He had lied us into a war that cost the lives of thousands of young Americans, the economy was a wreck, and this country was the most hated nation on earth. What a turn around we have experienced in the last eight years!

    Thank you Leslie for posting!

    1. So beautifully said, Paul. Thank you. I think that he may well prove to be one of our greatest presidents, and I have much sadness when I think of him leaving office. It will be hard to find again someone who possesses that kind of dignity, sensitivity, and courage. Leslie

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