Month: February 2018

Was My Face Red

Image result for dishwasher with soap coming out

I have a funny story to tell, and, given how decidedly unfunny these times are, I thought you might like a little comic relief:

Last week, for three days in a row, I noticed that the small area rug in front of my dishwasher was damp after a dishwashing cycle had completed. I sent a message to the maintenance department in my apartment community, and the next day someone came to check the problem. When I got home from work, I saw a note on the counter telling me that no problem had been found. I was more than a little annoyed that the man who wrote it had not discovered what, to me, was so obviously a serious malfunction.

That evening, I ran the dishwasher one more time to confirm for myself that there was water seeping out from the aging appliance. Indeed there was. So, I sent off another missive to maintenance in the hope someone would come out the next day and get to the bottom of it.

The next afternoon, I received a call from the maintenance worker, who was still in my apartment and who said he had detected some water leaking from the dishwasher. Told you so, I thought. He then went on to say that things were quite sudsy in a compartment under the machine. Indignant, I said I used only “green” dishwasher soap, which (everyone knows, I wanted to say) makes fewer suds than a commercial brand typically would.

In case he didn’t believe that I was environmentally conscious, I asked him to look at my large container of dishwashing detergent pods, which he would find next to the sink. Before he even had a chance to respond, though, it hit me that the Whole Foods dishwashing soap tub looks almost exactly like its tub of clothes-washing detergent packets.

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