Photos: Virginians Head to the Polls for Early Voting – NBC4 Washington

I know I am not alone when I say that I have been anxious about voting, not least because Trump and his cronies have been trying to suppress the vote any way they can. In Virginia, for example, those of us who opted to vote by mail received our ballots last week with instructions telling us we need to complete the forms in front of a witness. This unnecessary step annoyed me, but it annoyed me even more to find out later that we did not need a witness and that this directive was supposedly sent in error. In order to feel confident that my vote would be counted, then, I realized I would need to go to the Office of Voter Registration and Elections in the city where I live and vote in person. Once there, I was relieved to see that things were well orchestrated: I “surrendered” my mail-in ballot and was directed to get a regular paper ballot instead, which I filled out and fed into a scanner. Altogether, it took about ten minutes for me to complete the process.

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2 thoughts on “I VOTED.

  1. I got the Alabama “Mail-in Ballot” and to my surprise realized that I couldn’t use it. They have a checklist of roughly ten or so “reasons” one wishes not to vote in person. There was no listed reason for COVID 19. The closest they had was that one had to be essentially too sick to vote. And “one” reason had to be checked. I thought about not checking any reason, but then the ballot would be thrown out. In short, I have to vote in person–which I intend to do, wearing a n95 mask and a plastic shield. The good news is that I’m in a rural area and our voting place is never too crowded. Alabama sucks.

    I was glad to hear you got your ballot in. Way to Leslie! VOTE the M.F.s out! 🙂

    ps. I’ve been trying to watch the debate, but Trump is so despicable, I can’t take. What little I’ve watched, especially the segment on taxes, Trump was beaten like a dog. Yay!

    1. Yes, sadly Alabama has an abysmal record when it comes to voter suppression. Glad you’ll be voting in person, though–equipped with mask and shield! I couldn’t watch one minute of the “debate.” Too upsetting. We have to vote him out (and have to flip the Senate, also).

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