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At 6 pm on election night I sat down to watch the results on MSNBC, and at 8 am the following morning I was still glued to my seat. Throughout the night I was at times filled with despair about the real possibility that Donald Trump would be re-elected and that the Senate would remain under the demonic control of Mitch McConnell. But now that it is two days later, that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris seem poised to win, and that the Senate may well see a Democratic majority before all is said and done, I am feeling less hopeless.

Increasingly, though, I am questioning why, even if Biden wins and the Senate reverts to Democratic control (after two pivotal run-off elections in Georgia), I would want to continue living in a country where almost half of its inhabitants are racist, anti-Semitic, white nationalists who believe any lies Trump tells them and who live in a reality I simply cannot begin to fathom. So, my daughter and I have been talking about leaving the United States. Here are several countries we are thinking about: England, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain (and then a few outliers like Greece, the Netherlands, and New Zealand). Of course, getting jobs will be crucial for the both of us, so much depends on our ability to secure work for ourselves before we pack our bags and go.

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4 thoughts on “Where in the world?

  1. I couldn’t make it past ten o’clock! I went to bed Tuesday night, mildly depressed. But, like you and the Blue half of this country, I have slowly risen from the ashes of despair and now hope for the future. Sadako and I have started to talk about getting out of the south. Unfortunately we are stuck here in North Alabama, pure red state, for at least four more years–when she can retire with a decent pension.

    We are looking at two options: one, moving to the west to a blue state, possibly Oregon. or two, moving to Japan. I definitely want out of the south. I’ve been here too damn long. I’m sick of these rural people who simply can’t stop watching Fox News and thinking that Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson are decent human beings. I have come to one conclusion: rural Americans are woefully inept at critical thinking. They simply can’t understand simple logic, nor can they process the simplest relationship between proven fact and verbal fiction. So, when Trump tells a lie, such as he claims victory in Pennsylvania; therefore, vote counting there should stop–his followers agree! They agree even when they are told that a sitting president cannot declare victory, that “victory” is determined by voters who cast physical ballots.

    Many rural Americans cannot understand the basic process of “voting.” Something they have just done! In short they live in a fantasy world, a bubble. Will they all rise up and rebel against a Democratic president. No, they won’t because they need to go to work to pay the monthly note on that big ass Ford 250. And quite frankly they’re too dumb. They’ll simply plop down in front of the tube with beer in hand and watch FOX pundits blab on and on that Biden is destroying America. Oh a few might try something stupid like that bunch who planned to kidnap the governor of Michigan. So, where are those glorious rebels? They are in holding cells. They will go to prison…for many years. Sheer stupidity.

    Oh, I even heard one rumor that Trump may run for President in 2024. I wouldn’t be surprised. And that is reason to live in Japan.

    1. Thanks for your thoughtful reply, Paul. We have reason to celebrate today, though! I look forward to learning more about how you and Sadako chart your path forward. I spent several weeks in Japan and thought it was a wonderful place — so it is hard to see how you could go wrong there. Leslie

  2. Thank you for your kind words. Yeah, we are feeling much better down here in Alabama as well. Knowing that the next four years are Biden’s and not tRump’s gives us room to breathe. We’re now thinking about settling up north in a deep blue state. Maybe somewhere near Boston that has direct flights, JAL, to Japan. Yay!
    I want out of the south, Leslie. And we figure we can find a decent place up north where like-minded people live then we can shuttle back and forth from there to the land of the rising sun.

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